What to Expect

Understandably, some people will have some apprehension and anxiety over what to expect at a doctor’s office on their first visit. Here is a glimpse into Dr. Lindner’s functional medicine office, in order to soothe any fears that you may have:


Upon entering her intimate office, Dr. Lindner will greet you and have some brief paperwork for you to fill out.  The paperwork provides her with general information about yourself and your condition. Appointments run on time, and you will remove your street shoes for optimal comfort and cleanliness- you will also be greeted by her therapy dog, who is there to assist in treatment and to put you at ease. She’s a trained professional as well!

Please feel free to bring in any medical records or lab results along with you, so that she may get further insight into your situation. The most current information, the better, as it is pertinent to where your body is now, to determine where she should start and where to go with treatment.

Once the paperwork has been completed, she will do a full review of all body systems as well as a full consultation and medical history. Dr. Lindner is trained in various modalities and backgrounds, and she tailors treatment to each individual patient.  She tries to get in as much information and problem solving in the first visit, so that a treatment plan can be made and there can be action to follow through.

“I really like to help people problem solve,” says Dr. Lindner of her treatment. “Fear is a big thing. I like to take out the fear and get some understanding, try to help you understand what is going on and what can be done about it.”

Prior to leaving, patients will be given instructions on how to follow up with their care.

Interested in seeing what Dr. Lindner can do for you? Give her a call at 312-953-1636 to schedule your appointment today!